Arts & Sciences

What are the Arts & Sciences?

The creative process of researching and recreating historical objects is what we refer to in the SCA as the Arts and Sciences. The distinction between what constitutes an Art versus what’s considered a Science is somewhat arbitrary, but the list below includes some of the things we research and recreate in order to bring us closer to understanding what life was like in the Middle Ages, while providing us with an outlet for creativity. The people in the Barony of Ramshaven practice many of the different Arts and Sciences listed below, but not all of them. We encourage people to constantly learn more about the Middle Ages through creating beautiful objects and sharing their talents with the group. If you are interested in learning and trying some these things, contact your Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences.



• Bardic Arts, such as storytelling and singing
• Basket Weaving
• Beadwork
• Calligraphy
• Cooking
• Costume Accessories
• Clothing (roughly 600 to 1600 AD)
• Dance (European and Non-European)
• Dramatic Performances
• Drawing
• Dyeing
• Embroidery and Needlework
• Glasswork: Blown Glass, Stained Glass and Lampwork (glass beads)
• Illumination
• Juggling and Tumbling
• Knitting/Nålbinding
• Knotted Work
• Lace Making
• Music Composition and Performance
• Painting
• Poetry
• Prose and Playwriting
• Riding Performance – Equestrian
• Spinning
• Loom Weaving and Tablet Weaving
• Animal Husbandry
• Animal Accoutrements
• Armouring
• Book Binding
• Brewing and Vinting
• Ceramics and Pottery
• Equestrian Activities
• Games
• Herb Craft – Cosmetics and Culinary use only
• Iron Working and Tool Making
• Lapidary (Jewelry/Stone Setting)
• Leather Working
• Metal Working (including Metal Casting)
• Musical Instrument Making
• Paper Making
• Research
• Scientific Instruments
• Sculpture and Stone Carving
• Siege Engines
• Weapon Making – including Bowyering and Fletching
• Wood Construction
• Wood Embellishment

A & S Competitions

The SCA does hold various A&S Competitions at many Events. The formats or themes of the A&S competitions can be very different and very creative from Event to Event! Usually Event websites, or publications in The Tidings (the Kingdom newsletter), outline the competition requirements for each Event. The biggest A&S Competition we hold in Ealdormere is at the Kingdom A&S Event held every fall. It is an amazing event where artisans of every level and interest come out and showcase what they’ve been learning and working on. At Kingdom A&S, the A&S Pentathlon is held where entrants must submit five A&S items in three out of five different categories. It is an amazing day with so much to see and be inspired by! If you are interested in entering a competition, please feel free to contact your Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences if you have any questions.

Persona Development with the Arts and Sciences

Developing a Persona is one of the first A&S Projects you will take on as a newcomer to the SCA. Taking the time to think about and research who you would have been in period, what kind of job you would have had, what social class you were, how much money you made, what you did for fun, and so on provide great jumping off points for SCA projects. If you are a Lady in the Court of King Henry VIII, then you may learn Blackwork embroidery to decorate the linen chemise you just learned to sew for your first piece of garb. If you are a Saxon Ealdorman then perhaps you may want to learn period wood turning to make your own wooden bowls to use at Events. With every object we research, create, and use that is in line with our persona, we bring ourselves closer to understanding what life was like. For more information about personas, read this Guide for Persona Development.