Weekly Fight Practice

Fight Practice is what we call our regular weekly get-togethers. They are also when we hold meetings to discuss Canton and Baronial buisness, work on A&S projects, and socialize. Currently fight practices are held weekly in the cantons of Der Welfengau (Guelph) and Bryniau Tywynnog (Kitchener). Der Welfengau meets on Tuesdays and their fight practice includes rapier combat instruction. Bryniau Tywynnog meets on Thursdays and their fight practice includes armoured combat, rapier combat and youth boffer combat. If you are interested in joining the SCA, or are an SCA member visiting from another part of the Known World, you are invited to join us at a local fight practice. Please introduce yourself to someone when you arrive so that we can introduce you to others in our group and talk to you about your interests. We hope you will join us!

Types of Events

SCA events are great places to get together with friends and catch up on what is new with fellow members. People from other Baronies (and even Kingdoms) will come and show you a world outside your local group.

It is exciting to see what other groups are doing in the rest of the Kingdom. Events are a great place to get new ideas for yourself and your group. Fighters enjoy the opportunity to test their skills against unfamiliar combatants. People from different Baronies will get a chance to meet each other. Events are also a great opportunity to meet Their Royal Majesties (TRM King & Queen) and Their Royal Highnesses (TRH Prince & Princess). Court is often held at event where you can see people get recognition for their efforts through awards. There is frequently some humorous business that takes place. If a feast is to take place, you can try out an array of medieval food you will not get in any restaurant.

Some events are run by Kingdoms, while others are Baronial and are usually run by Cantons or Shires (local groups). Kingdom events are: Crown Tournament (where the next Prince and Princess are decided by heavy combat) or Coronation (where the next King and Queen take the throne). These events are quite grand and people tend to wear their best garb. There are two Coronations and two Crown Tournaments each year. Kingdom Arts and Sciences is another event where the populace is encouraged to enter items they have made for display or judging. It is basically a 'look at what I did this year'. Anyone can enter Kingdom Arts and Sciences and it allows for any skill level. The Kingdom events move from Barony to Barony based on a schedule so everyone gets a chance to host one.

Each Barony and its local groups will also host several events that they like to run each year. Some examples of these are Wassail, Scotchtoberfest, Fruits of our Labour, Murder Melee and Trillium War. You can find all the events that are happening by going to the Kingdom of Ealdormere Website and looking at the event calendar.

Anyone can attend any event in the SCA. You do not have to be a member. Wearing garb (medieval clothes) is strongly encouraged if not required. If you don't have garb, contact The Baronial Senechal in your area or your Baron and Baroness and they will help find you some loaner garb.

Events usually follow a format something like this:

  • - Sign in at Troll and pay for the event and any meals you wish partake in. Most events require you to have pre-registered for feast
  • - Setup any presence you have (tables/chairs/things to work on)
  • - If there are Arts & Sciences at the event, enter your items
  • - Fighting Authorizations usually start before lunch
  • - Lunch
  • - Rapier & Heavy Combat take place in the early afternoon. Archery and thrown weapons usually run all day if they are present
  • - Arts & Sciences are usually judged later in the day
  • - Court is usually later in the afternoon but is at the discretion of TRM (Their Royal Majesties - The King and Queen)
  • - Feast (if there is one)
  • - Dancing and/or bardic (singing, story-telling)
  • - Pack up and say good-byes until next time

Remember that your Baron and Baroness like entourage (assistance) throughout the day. If you are new and unsure what to do contact them or your local group's Chatelaine or Seneshal and they will point you in the right direction.

For more information about SCA events, read this Guide for Beginners.

SCA Camping

SCA camping is basically just an event that runs over two or more days. Many people will setup medieval tents and presences (make your camp look as though it were medieval). You do not need a medieval tent to camp. Many people use nylon tents because they are affordable and what they have. Some camping events have indoor lodging that you can book in advance. Check the event website to see what is available. Read the events website carefully to see what rules about fires etc. are in effect.

For more information about SCA camping events, read this Guide for Beginners